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Replacement foundation almost finished

So, middle of last week I finally bit the bullet and gutted out a lot of the prototype code in order to start rebuilding it smarter, something I’d been planning to do but putting off since before Thanksgiving. Got detoured … Continue reading

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Geomys Unity Tutorials

With all the time I’ve spent helping people on unityAnswers in the last month, I decided I should polish some of these up, add explanations and descriptions, and share them here. The first I’m going to share is a bit … Continue reading

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Diseases, Holidays, and Other Distractions

Been a while since my last blog post. Made some progress the first week of it, and was just too caught up working to think about blogging. Last week I started things off with a pretty unplesant case of sinusitus … Continue reading

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Series of epiphanies after last night’s blog and this morning, went all slash-and-burn on the technical design for the remaining features as I had them sketched out, replaced with something far simpler. Will eventually obliterate and replace the Routable stuff … Continue reading

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Deadline Looming, Progress Slow

So I made progress today, but not nearly as much as I should have. Let myself get distracted and wasted most of the afternoon diddling around on the web rather than working. Did get some real progress made, though, and … Continue reading

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