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The joys of refactorong

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Saturday was spent mostly on redesigning the Stockings library. It now differentiates packets and messages; apps using the stocking send messages, which are automatically compiled into packets before sending. This is done by a new Packetize thread, which monitors the … Continue reading

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All code and no media makes me…

Typing this from my iPhone as I near the end of my media fast. Have been without tv and without internet (other than my phone. For emergency exceptions, like google, and web comics) for about 3 weeks now. Once I … Continue reading

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Oh, right, I have a blog…

Just remembered I started this blog before the holiday season and then forgot all about it. Decided I should write something. Been in an extreme introverted mode, largely oblivious to the state of the world outside my active VisualStudio solution, so nothing to write about but what I’ve been working on. Continue reading

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