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The Blog You’ve Been Waiting For, pt. 2

In my first self-indulgent blog post, I started to talk about what this blog is about, and enumerated the obvious questions raised by my decision to start a blog. I went on in that blog to answer the first, “Who am I,” in gloriously self-indulgent detail. Now I follow up and go on to the other questions, … Continue reading

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Lets Save The Planet by Blowing Up Kids! Whaaaaat?

If you haven’t heard already, the 10:10 movement, who’s aim is to reduce global carbon emissions by 10% per year, released a little promotional video last week. The short film, called “No Pressure,” has been received with enthusiasm, but most of it negative. It’s hard to find anyone online who actually defends the film, in fact. And if you’ve seen it, it’s not hard to understand why; what is hard to understand is what possessed them to produce such a film in the first place. … Continue reading

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Atheists and Religion: Can’t We All Just Get Along?!

I am endlessly frustrated with arguments and dogmatism around religious beliefs. I’m not talking wars between religions here, at least, not specifically. In fact, atheists are rapidly becoming some of the worst offenders in making a war out of beliefs, though they limit their violence to words. They may not blow up people who disagree with them, but they do something that is just as arrogant and hostile by standing up and shouting to the rest of the world they they alone are right, while everyone else is crazy, deluded, stupid, and foolish. And that arrogance and superiority are and have always been the problem. Continue reading

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The Blog You’ve Been Waiting For

So, I’ve finally done it. I’ve started a blog. This raises many questions. Who the hell am I? Why did I start a blog? What do I plan on blogging about? And why should you, my hypothetical reader, care?

I’ll start with the first question, though to me it is the least interesting one. … Continue reading

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