Week of Potatoes

Been rather a long time since I’ve updated my blog here. Ran into a design issue week before last; I ultimately solved it but it robbed me of my momentum – and then Portal 21 came out, so between playing through that and catching up on sleep afterwords, the first half  of the week was gone. But eventually I got back to work, and have begun to pick up momentum again.

LudumDare 20 will be starting in just under a week, and I’m still getting my foundation code ready. Started converting it to OpenGL 3.2, which means obliterating all traces of immediate mode and the fixed pipeline. Already created a GL3 window class, and GL3 application using it, in a separate project, and have them creating the new context and using shaders in a separate project; now I have to integrate it back, replacing the old GL window/app classes, and making sure all the code that touches those is up to date. This mainly means updating AssetTextures to make them bind to texture units rather than the fixed pipe identifiers, and rewriting the GL console class.

The GL console will be the fun bit. First up is building it’s shader program. While I’m at it I want to support colored, so there will be three attribute buffers: position, color, and texture coordinates. First pass will be just that, still using the existing C++ code to build the geometry. Later, will cut my teeth on geometry shaders by moving even that step to the shader program, and seeing how small a dataset I can pass in to the card; not sure if there’ll be time for that this week or not, though. Anyway, gonna switch it to a one-bit texture, and pass foreground and background colors for each, allowing a simple terminal-like coloring system.

After that, I need to get some physics going; did a little research and have settled on Chipmunk, which seems to fit my needs. Need to at least play with that before the LD, but I’m hoping I’ll have time to build an AApplicationModule subclass to wrap it up as well.  And finally, I want to check out Chronolapse, as I’m considering recording a desktop timelapse this LD.

After the LD, I’m going to take one month off of my Epic Project to work on a 1 Month Game. Unless my LD efforts produce gold, I’ll likely bring back an old LD entry idea I had that I never did much with. It depended heavily on string physics, and I wasted the weekend of that compo trying to get those physics working robustly enough.

1 I won’t bother reviewing it – if you haven’t played it yet, you’re either planning to check it out asap, or you’ve decided to be cool by shunning it. Well, kudos to you, sir. Opportunities to deliberately shun something this good don’t come along often!

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