The hunt for artists and other things I’ve been putting off

Finally started looking around for artists to collaborate with on my next project. Was hoping to start by finding someone willing to produce the extremely simple assets for the asteroids game, which I will not be making any money from; logically, seems like a natural extension of it’s purpose as a learning project, since I have not dealt directly with contracting out art assets before. I’m beginning to think this was an unreasonable expectation on my part, though.

There are plenty of quality artists out there looking for paid work, and there are plenty of artists who seem willing to work for free, at least on a limited basis, but I’m not sure there is a lot of intersection between those two groups. From reading their posts offering services, I get the impression many have been burned by daydreamers promising future payment and/or royalties for work done now, only to find it never materializes. Can’t say I blame them, frankly. So where does that leave Roid Rage?

I could just pay someone to do the work – the game only requires a handful of low-poly models, and only one, the ship, requires any sort of animation – and even that is an unrigged animation, just the ship fragmenting into parts when destroyed! The rest of the models are just asteroids – pleasingly irregular shapes I could pretty easily make myself, and am really not inclined to pay someone else to do, even if it will save me the frustration of diddling about in the unfamiliar realms of Blender or Maya. The rest is incredibly simple graphic design work, made even simpler by the incredibly low standards of this not-for-prime-time project.

The only other options are doing it myself, or just leaving the game as-is and focusing on my next project. Doing it myself would take a couple of days, and I can’t shake the feeling that it would not be a couple of days well-spent; even a relatively inexperienced graphic designer could likely make something more attractive in a couple of hours than I could in a day. Not making a decision yet, as I have not been looking for artists long, but if I don’t see some positive responses soon, I may just leave Roid Rage behind and focus on finishing the design document and coding up a prototype for my next project.

Taking my scattered notes and thoughts on that next project and starting to flesh them out into a design document occupied most of my day. The asset list is looking to be a fair bit longer than I was imagining in my head when I came up with the idea, but still fairly short and I think manageable. My enthusiasm for the idea has also grown as I fleshed out the mechanics of play; definitely potential in the idea.

There’s also a whole list of other things I need. Waiting to hear back from a few people – friends and other – about the company logo and mascot designs – which I’m keeping separate and distinct from the game asset production. Since I’ll be living with the company logo and mascot for a while, I’m trying to get the highest quality work I can afford. There’s also the matter of my website; need to update the layout of my wordpress blog, create pages for new projects, and will eventually want to move the blog itself off to or to make room for a professionally-designed home page that’s focused more on promoting and marketing my games and less about … well, me driveling off about whatever. And lastly, I’ve worked out all the steps I’ll need to take on the business end to start selling my games, but am still holding off on pulling the trigger there. I’m sure there’s other things I’m forgetting, as well. Probably some big ones.

Ah well. Press on!

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