Series of epiphanies after last night’s blog and this morning, went all slash-and-burn on the technical design for the remaining features as I had them sketched out, replaced with something far simpler. Will eventually obliterate and replace the Routable stuff from my 3 days of adventure to work in the same new, easier way as well, but leaving it for now. The new code is flying out thanks to this. A month into using Unity and some of the big things are still clicking.

I came into Unity with a programmer’s toolbox built up from years of doing from-scratch programming in C and C++, so long before I’d really begun to “get” the Unity way of approaching things, I was hacking away with my existing tools. Was making measurable progress, too, but not as efficiently, in labor or end result, as if I’d been using more Unity-centric tools.  It’s continuing to come together, though, as the things I’ve absorbed slowly percolate around in the back of my head and the subconscious problem-solver starts finding the ways they more naturally click together.

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