Diseases, Holidays, and Other Distractions

Been a while since my last blog post. Made some progress the first week of it, and was just too caught up working to think about blogging. Last week I started things off with a pretty unplesant case of sinusitus – which I’m still recovering from the lingering symptoms of, though the worst, including the severe sinus pressure headaches, lasted just a few days. Then came Thanksgiving, which was excellent. Ate a lot of good food, drank perhaps a bit too much beer, shot a few quail (and missed quite a few more), and all around just spent some great quality time with my family.

Since I got back, spent most of my time catching up on housework that had been allowed to slide while I was sick before I left town for the holiday, and beginning the process of putting out Christmas decorations. Other than that, I’ve gotten distracted again with unityAnswers, helping other people with their code instead of working on my own like I should be doing. Decided I’m going to clean up some of the sample code I’ve written and make a set of sample projects with short tutorial articles explaining them, will be writing the first of those right after this post.

The prototype got to a rough but playable demo level before the disease set in. Laundry list of minor features left to implement, mostly adding notification icons to help the player know what the hell is going on. Two main features left: extending the notification icon scripts to allow multiple simultaneous notifications, with options to either stack them in a row or alternate between them at some interval; and customizable info boxes that display when holding down on a character. The latter I’ve only got a vague plan for the design on, and I need to nail that down in order to finalize the list of minor doodads and dingbats in the formal asset list. Other biggest task is the rewrite of the line drawing code and the way vehicles are handled; the original approach I used turned into a nightmare, and I need to spend a day or two gutting a lot of that code and cobbling it back together with new glue code. Most of the technical bits are fine, it’s mainly the original gluing approach which was fundamentally flawed. Still feel like I’m in good shape to have the game code-complete before Christmas, which is a nice place to be. Got to get in gear and get the first batch of formal asset specs to my artist so he can get started soon if I want this game to be completed by early January, though!

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