The Blog You’ve Been Waiting For, pt. 2

In my first self-indulgent blog post, I started to talk about what this blog is about, and enumerated the obvious questions raised by my decision to start a blog. I went on in that blog to answer the first, “Who am I,” in gloriously self-indulgent detail. Now I follow up and go on to the other questions, starting with “Why am I writing this blog?”

This is actually a tricky question. The short answer is, because I have a lot to say. I’m loquacious by nature, and I have opinions on just about everything, so in that respect I guess I’m a natural born blogger. I’d like to think I’m also pretty good at stringing words together, but I’ll let you, my (at present, entirely imaginary) reader, be the judge of that. Without a blog, I had no choice but to assail my friends, family, and coworkers with long-winded rants and monologues on whatever subjects were rattling around in my head from day to day. I suspect I enjoyed this more than some of them did, so if nothing else, this blog will hopefully spare them from that. And for the ones who did enjoy it, well, eventually they’ll find their way here, where they can enjoy them at their leisure, rather than having to enjoy them when I run into them in the copy room and pin them against a piece of furniture for five minutes solid when all they really wanted was to make their copies and get back to work. It’ll also be a time-saver for me, as I can write out my whole speech on a subject once and just link people to it, rather than repeating it over and over. Everybody wins!

The third question was “What do I plan on blogging about?” and the answer is everything and nothing. I’ll blog about politics, about science and technology, about books and movies and video games, really just whatever I feel like talking about at any given moment. It should make for a rather disjointed experience for you, my hypothetical reader, and the resulting blog will be difficult to categorize. It will also make it less likely my hypothetical readers will ever become hypothetical followers; someone who finds there way here and enjoys one of my blogs, might find I don’t post another blog about a subject of any interest to them for weeks, if ever. Oh well. If my goal was to rack up followers, I’d think that was a problem, but it’s not. (For what my goals actually are, see the previous paragraph; really, reader, pay attention!)

And that takes me to the last question, why you, the hypothetical reader, should care. Well, … I’m a bit stumped on this one. Maybe you’ll just find my ramblings entertaining? Maybe you’ll find my insights and views of the world refreshingly rational in an increasingly irrational world? Maybe you’ll read it to laugh at my arrogance and self-importance? Maybe you’re a stalker secret admirer looking for any way to feel closer to me? I don’t know. If anyone’s actually reading this post, you must care on some level, for some reason, so you tell me!

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2 Responses to The Blog You’ve Been Waiting For, pt. 2

  1. Jeff says:

    I am reading this because I like your style. Your post on atheism versus religion was extremely reasonable.

    Also, I read your blog to motivate myself to write a blog. Back in the day, I would blog fairly regularly…and it was fun. But ever since facebook came along, it has made me too lazy to blog. Back in the day, a thought would enter my mind and I would think about it and expand upon it and take the idea as far as I could and make a nice long blog post.

    Now, however, all I can do is just whittle it down until it fits in a 420 character status update. While there is value in brevity, I miss writing longer posts. I definitely need to stop being so lazy.

    Keep blogging! Be an inspiration to others!

    • will says:

      420 characters? is that why the first comment on half of your facebook posts is from you, continuing your own post? :)

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