MU* nearing version 0.01a….

What the hell is MU*?

MU* is the working title of my current project, which is part game, part game engine, and part game editor. It’s working title refers to MUSHes and MUDs, which were the main inspiration for the project. MUSHes in particular often had communities of builders, the people responsible for actually creating the environment everyone else was inhabiting, and since the environment was built in basically the same way it was played, using text commands over a telnet connection to the server, it was naturally condusive to collaborative development. That, as much as anything, is what I want to recapture with this project.

Things that are working:

Core build commands – @dig, @create, @setattr, @setflag; you can’t make a world do much yet, nor can you make it pretty,┬ábut you can technically make a world.

Movement – you can walk around, through exits, pick things up and drop them again

networking – packet loss has been an issue, but fundamentally the networking is working; players can run around building an ugly world together online!

say/pose – communicate with other players.

Things still to go:

@open. Major omission from the build commands, need a way to make exits without making new rooms.

Interpolation – clients need to synch their clocks with the server, and time-sensitive updates need to be time-stamped, thus allowing clients to interpolate what other players are doing rather than just drawing each update shutter-style.

Sound – the sound engine is implemented and even integrated already, but MU events have no way yet of causing them; this is a fairly minor extension of the MU server and GLClient that I just haven’t gotten around to yet

There’s also a few bugs and probably some other features I’m forgetting, but then I’m calling it v0.1. From there, the real fun begins, as v0.2 will include asset importing and synchronization and┬átile map editing, and possibly the full gui integration – but that is a large task and may wait until v0.3. Some time after that, I’ll finally get to the big juicy task I’m looking the most forward to – the new animation system. But more about all that later.

I have so many plans for this project, but there’s so much to do. The scale of it kindof worries me at points, but it’s just starting to come together and look like something, and some of the key features are finally in sight.

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