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So, I’ve finally done it. I’ve started a blog. This raises many questions. Who the hell am I? Why did I start a blog? What do I plan on blogging about? And why should you, my hypothetical reader, care?

I’ll start with the first question, though to me it is the least interesting one. My name is Will Thomas. I’m 30-something, from Atlanta, GA. I’m a computer programmer, a gamer, a dog-lover, and at times a slacker (I’ve had this domain space registered for over 3 years now, and until today it had no main page to speak of). I’ve worked at Cartoon Network and more recently at CCP, though at the moment I don’t have a real job, though (in theory) I have a few side-projects going which might turn into something, and I plan on returning to college in the spring.

My only degree currently is an associates in Game Design & Development from Full Sail in Orlando, FL, but years ago, I finished half of a bachelors in Computer Science before getting a job offer and walking away, and now I want to finish that degree and go forward to get a masters, and who knows, maybe a Ph.D. as well.

I’m currently single, and have been for … well, too damned long. Nobody to blame for that but myself and my reclusive nature. Came very close to getting married once, to a girl I lived with for three years in Florida, while I was attending Full Sail. It ended up falling apart, and ultimately I feel lucky that I didn’t rush into a proposal sooner; marriage might have stabilized things, made it last a bit longer, but the ultimate result, I think, would have been the same.

What else? Hmm. I tend to be a cynic and a skeptic, though as I’ve gotten older I’m seeing those, especially cynicism, as limiting and self-defeating, and trying to be less so. I think of myself as an atheist, but most of the more vocal and hard-core atheists you see around would say I’m really an agnostic, since I concede one point most atheists (and most theists, for that matter) won’t: I could be wrong.

A post that’s all about me? How self-indulgent! Who would want to read this?! At present almost nobody, but then, I’m not making any effort at present to draw readers, not even from my facebook friends; someday, though, when I’ve settled down and started actually blogging about things, I might actually attract some readers who don’t know me. This introduction is for them, I guess. I spent most of my teens and 20s just drifting through life, with little direction and less purpose, and lately I’ve started trying to change that. At least in some small part, this blog will document that process, so it seemed appropriate to start it by talking about where it begins.

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