Geomys Game #1

Having knocked out my simple asteroids clone, sans proper assets, as a learning project, I’ve begun work on my first serious Unity game project. The new project is a time management game, though it incorporates some elements novel to the genre that will add deeper strategic elements than the usual Diner Dash and Sally’s Spa knock-offs.

Started fleshing out my notes and thoughts into a formal design doc on Nov. 11th, with particular emphasis on the gameplay and assets sections. The next day I tentatively started the code design section and expanded on some of the assets, then sketched out some level designs on paper and, based on these, built a rough placeholder tileset. Hoping to have an ugly-but-playable prototype of one level playable by the 18th, but given how many elements are involved that I’ve not done in unity or on iPhone before, and how many other things I need to be taking care of at the same time, that goal may be a bit ambitious. A goal that’s not ambitious isn’t a goal worth shooting for, though!

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