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Diseases, Holidays, and Other Distractions

Been a while since my last blog post. Made some progress the first week of it, and was just too caught up working to think about blogging. Last week I started things off with a pretty unplesant case of sinusitus … Continue reading

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Another excellent day of progress!

The wave of awesome I caught yesterday continued, knocked out working prototypes of 4 of the main behavior modules for my current Unity game project today. Selectable works with a custom SelectionManager (which needs a new name, as it’s more … Continue reading

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Geomys Games Beginneth

Welp, after talking about it and diddling around for years, I’ve finally cinched up my belt and gotten to work. No more grandiose dreamy kitchen-sink projects; no more build-it-all-from-scratch mentality. Just modest and achievable indie ideas, leveraging the latest tools … Continue reading

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